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 We prepare your custom made  state-of-the-art computer using components from AMD®, INTEL®, NVIDIA®, ATI®, CREATIVE® and Many of the top leading brands. Utilizing software from such companies as Microsoft® and LINUX.
Our computer Expert's are the best in the industry building custom computers from 1985 to today.
We started commercially building and repairing computers at Compubell / Computown. As you know we have left to complete are vision of building only the best computers with only the customer in mind. We took the hard line that customer needs and customer service takes priority over profits. That is why we are one of new jerseys longest and best custom computer manufacturers today. 

Please go to cpu-world and take a look at the difference between a full cached CPU and a Duron/Sempron or intel's
Celeron. They will explain why you do not want one of these CPU's. Here at GHP / JustOrderin
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